Frond Studios & Delve MIY | Artisan fabrics for quilting, upcycling, home d├ęcor and do it yourself kits.

Frond Design Studios create unique and beautiful fabric for the quilting, upcycling, furniture and home decor industries. Owner, Stephanie Brandenburg, is a master artisan skilled in both fabric and overall lifestyle design.

With a reverence to our past, we look to the future to empower women Revolutionizing the fabric industry by bringing ART to LIFE in projects for your home and garden Through Artisan Centers that encourage creators of today.

DelveMIY is the 'make it yourself' authentic artisan studio and storefront for Frond Design Studios. As the retail arm of Frond, DelveMIY specializes in the consumer experience and sells artisan fabrics, quilts, patterns, fabric bundles and DIY projects.

Frond fabrics are available for purchase at stores across the United States and in Canada.

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Founder & Frond Visionary

Stephanie Brandenburn

Stephanie is the Frond master artisan who applies her art to fabric, upcycled materials and even architecture. What makes Stephanie so unique is her vision that has brought beauty to the world in so many distinctive techniques.

Featured Partner

Featured partner

It was fun to partner with Maddie Kertay at Bad Ass and take our Street Smarts collection to the 'streets'! Originally hand painted on a volkswagon hood by Stephanie Brandenburg, this project embodied creativity. Consumers bought a pack of fabric and simply brought ideas to life!

Frond also collaborated with Quilted Home Designs to create something with her business kick off! Her project is being given away soon. Now, this is what we call paying it forward.

Beautiful collaboration.

Frond Project Highlights